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Initial Visit

You can book a visit by completing the online form on the Home page of our website. If we can not accommodate the date and time that you have requested, we will contact you with alternative days.

On arrival at the nursery, we will take you on a tour of the nursery and will spend time playing and talking about how each room operates focusing on the room within which your child will start. Assuming we have the availability, you may want to make a decision there and then, or go home and discuss it further.


Agreeing a Start Date

Once you have visited the nursery and chosen Sawtry Day Nursery to be the nursery for your child, we will pencil in an estimated start date and confirm the actual date in due course.


Home Visit

The first part of our settling in process is a Home Visit. Usually about 3 weeks before your start date two of our team, which will include your child’s key person, will come to your home to meet and spend a little time playing with your child and getting to know all about your child.  We will also bring some paperwork to share and complete as part of our registration process.


Settling in Sessions

We will then organise our first couple of settling in sessions. Parents may like to spend 10-30 minutes with their child on their initial visit with the view to leaving them with their key person for a similar amount of time. We find that a few short sessions will build your child’s confidence and familiarity.

In agreement with parents, where children have had prior experience in a similar setting, we may speed up this process a little.

Where children are unsettled, we offer frequent short free sessions and invite parents to stay on the premises with a cup of tea or coffee.

Settling in sessions are chargeable as and when parents leave the premises.

The settling in sessions are extended again in agreement with the parents once the child is content.

For our younger children, we like to fit in a sleep and a lunch.

All further sessions are negotiated with the parent and the key person.


Your First day

Our settling in process is tailored to the needs of each child and their family.

Our aim is that your child will be happy and content when you leave them on that first day, that you as parents and carers will have confidence in the nursery practitioners and the practitioners are well on their way to building a bond with your child and being able to support and comfort them as needed.

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